Multi-Shot Aerials

Each multi-shot launches many colored balls 50' or more into the air. They are bright, colorful, & loud. We have quite a variety! Effects include beautiful breaks, whistling, commets, reports, squiggling fish, and crackling. If you are looking for something larger, check out our Professional Quality Multi-Shot Aerials.

Bone Yard

Brocade Crowns and Silver Chrysanthemums with Crackling.

7 shots. 18 seconds.

Honey Badger

Green, Blue, & Red with Lots of Sparkle!

Effects: Red sparkler, grass green sparkler, white glitter sparkler, sky blue sparkler, grass green sparkler, white glitter sparkler, red sparkler, grass green sparkler, sky blue sparkler, white glitter sparkle

7 shots. 17 seconds.


Pretty Show – Red, Green, & White Glitter Sparklers!

12 shots. 36 seconds.

Motor Mouth

Z Finale! – Colored Pearls with Mini-Breaks!

Effects: red, silver and green comet tails; green to red, red to blue, purple to yellow; red and green bees; red, blue & green bouquet with loud whistles; red, silver and green comet tails with report; green to red, red to blue & purple to yellow with report

96 Shots. 30 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence

Spins up to a Loud Pop and Glitter!

Effects: Silver spinner tail to red and blue sparkler with white glitter; silver spinner tail to purple and green sparkler with white glitter.

16 shots. 24 seconds.

The Cowboy

Peonies with Strobes! Twinkly!

25 shots. 48 seconds.

Bug Eyed

Colorful Comet Trails!
Orange & Green! Whistle & Crackle!

Effects: Red comet tail; golden glitter willow tail; whistle tail; green comet tail; red star; yellow star; mum whistles and crackles

86 shots. 1 minute.

Grapes Over Vineyard

Crackling Dragon Tails with Breaks!

Effects: Crackling dragon tails to multicolored bouquets with crackle.

25 shots. 28 seconds.

Back Off

Red & Green Peonies with Strobes!

Effects: red tail goes up to break red peony with white strobe; green tail goes up to break green peony with white strobe; 4 shot finale

16 shots. 24 seconds.

Saturn Missile Battery - 300 Shot

Lots of Shots!

300 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.

300 shots. 1 minute 24 seconds.

Saturn Missile Battery - 100 Shot

Lots of Shots! - 100 Screaming Missiles!

100 shots.

Saturn Missile Battery - 25 Shot

Whistles & Explosions!

25 shots. 11 seconds.

Chili Pepper

Red & Green Coconuts with Gold Tails!

20 shots. 24 seconds.

Jaw Breaker

Colored Crackling Popcorn!

Effects: twelve shots of bright yellow morph into red, blue and green; eight shots of beautiful purple stars and amazing scatter crackle; Finale - scatter crackle, vibrant yellow stars and amazing crackling tails

20 shots. 24 seconds.

Road Show

Crackling Mums!

20 shots. 24 seconds.

Truck Yeah

Silver Mine to Crackling Mum! Two Tiered Effect.

Effects: silver mum mine to red, green, and silver mum; purple, green, and silver mum; Finale - red, plum, and silver mums

16 shots. 23 seconds.

Night Life

Golden Tails to Red, White, Green, & Blue Sparkles!

16 shots. 17 seconds.

Hot Dog

All Gold! Nice Mine Effect!

Gold Brocades over Gold Mine. Two Tier.
Brocade crown mines and brocade crowns.

16 shots. 20 seconds.

Sexy Girl

Red, Purple, & Green with Swirling Tails

16 shots. 22 seconds.

After Burner

Golden Waves with Crackles

16 shots. 22 seconds.

Turning Heads

Golden Waves with Crackles

16 shots. 22 seconds.

War Hog Motorcycle

Red, Green, & Blue Pistils with Tails

16 shots. 22 seconds.

Gone Bananas

Red, White, & Blue with Swirling Silver Tails

16 shots. 22 seconds.

Eye of the Tiger

Red, Green, & Blue Brocades with Tails

16 shots. 22 seconds.

Standing Ovation

Quiet Red Breaks!

Effects: Red and green palm with white glitter, purple and green palm with green glitter, red and green palm with red glitter brocade.

10 shots. 16 seconds.

Auto Assault

Red, Green & Purple Tracers! Quiet.

Effects: Red green purple moving star with white glitter.

25 shots. 18 seconds.

Garden in Spring

Colored Fountain to Colored Break.

Floral Shots! Whistles & Report!

Effects: Showers colored stars and white glitter for 10 seconds then shoots up colored star with report.

7 shots. 20 seconds.

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