Each assortment contains a great variety of fun! Assortments may contain aerial items and/or fountains.

These assortments are only available at our stands due to FAA regulations.

Laying Down the Law

Aerial Assortment!

Multi-Shot Aerials:
After Burner – 16 shots, Anti Tank Mine – 16 shots, Blue Stars – 8 shots, Clatter Clatter – 19 shots, Colorful, Dark Buster – 7 shots, Desert at Night – 7 shots, Dragon Ballz – 19 shots, Garden in Spring – 7 shots, Gone Bananas – 16 shots, Happy Hour – 9 shots, Kokanee – 19 shots, Land of the Free – 20 shots, Martin Bomber – 16 shots, Moon Festival (w/Parachutes) – 7 shots, On the Edge – 19 shots, Right Here – 9 shots, Saturn Missile – 100 shots, 4 x Saturn Missile – 25 shots, Sexy Girl – 16 shots, Silver Bullet – 7 shots, Sound Mine – 7 shots, Thunder Storm – 16 shots, Toot N Twirl – 19 shots, Turning Heads – 16 shots, Wow

Premium Artillery – 6 shells, Whistling Jake – 6 shells


Happy Fountain


Includes: Mortars, Aerials, Fountains, & Sparklers!

Over 20 different items.


Includes: mortars, single shot aerials, 200g aerials, fountains, & sparklers!

USA Assortment

Over 50 fuses!

Includes: Smoke, Sparklers, Snappers, Fountains, Aerials (including Saturn Missile), and Mortars.

Stars and Stripes

Includes: Mortars, Small Aerials, Fountains, & Sparklers!

Real America

All Aerial!

Includes: roman candles, single shot aerial, multi-shot aerials, & artillery shells.

Full Power

Includes: Mortars, Aerials, Fountains, & Novelties.

Little Big

Novelties, Fountains, & Aerials!

Killer Value

The Killer Value assortment is everything you need to have a safe and fun fireworks celebration. Lots of firecrackers and smaller items means the fun will last a long time.

Includes: Firecrackers, smoke balls, sparklers, crackling balls, ground bloom flowers, snappers, parachutes, champagne poppers, flashing signals, roman candles, assorted fountains

Bucket O'Fun

Fountains & Novelties!

Fountains: glitter cone, various cylindrical, and various box shaped
Novelties: snappers, poppers, cracker balls, and snakes

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