Fountains shoot a continuous stream of colorful sparks into the air. Most last a long time. There are many different special effects including popcorn, whistles, crackles, and bees. Fountains are fun, yet more tame than our multi-shot aerials.

Fun fountains.

Extra Large
Our largest & most exciting fountains! Long Lasting!

Regular Fountains

Fun fountains.

World's Highest Fountain

Mums & Spider. Colorful.

World’s Highest starts slow with blue stars, mums, green stars, white spider flowers, red stars and golden sparkler flowers – just when you think it’s over – bam! A huge red star and jumbo-crackling finale that almost touches the stars.

1 minute. 10 seconds.


Multicolor Mums, Rain, Pearls, Spring!

Titanium chrysanthemum with red and green pearls, white fir flower with green pearls, silver crackling chrysanthemum with blue, purple spring fountain, silver rain with red, green and blue pearls.

1 minute. 3 seconds.

Flippin' Awesome

Silver & Blue Crackle!

Silver fountain, crossette with blue star, chrysanthemum with blue star

54 seconds.


Red, Silver, Gold & Crackle!

Effects: Red, silver flower, golden chrysanthemum then silver crackling chrysanthemum.

1 minute.

Piccolo Pete

Obnoxious Whistle!

Long piercing shrill whistle with gold sparks.

6 per box. 5 seconds.

Ship Wrecked

Crackly Fun! Red & Green Stars w/Glitter

Effects: gold glitter with green stars, white flowers with red stars, crackling flowers with red and green stars

35 seconds.


White Glitter! Strobing!

2 minutes. 15 seconds.

USA Fountains

Glitter & Quiet!

Effects: Silver fountain with white glitter; Red fountain with gold chrysanthemum; purple fountain with chrysanthemum

Pack of 3.

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Extra Large Fountains

Our largest & most exciting fountains! Long Lasting!

Cascading Waterfall

Red, Blue, Green, Plum with Crackles!

Effects: yellow with white glitter; red and plum-blue with golden mum; green and plum-red with white mum; yellow, plum-red, blue, and green with crackles; silvery rain

1 minute. 25 seconds.

Bigger than Life

Huge! 6 Effects.

Effects: Gold pine flower with blue stars to crackling butterfly flower, white spider flower with green stars, white fir flower with red and blue stars, silver crackling flower with red stars, crackling with red and blue stars, silver jumbo crackling tri flower wired star

1 minute. 28 seconds.

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