Roman Candles

Roman candles are very popular! Each candle shoots many colored pearls sequentially into the sky. We offer many different roman candles with a variety of effects!


Extra Large



Bag O’Candles

Assorted Types and Sizes

50 count.

Texas Cyclone Roman Candles

Whirling 8 Ball!

Shoots large fireballs that spin and emit multicolored showers of sparks.

8 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

Pyramid of Power

Great Assortment!

4 Crackling Candles.
4 Premium Candles with Tails.
4 Boomer Candles.

10 Ball. Pack of 12 candles.

Roman Candles with Assorted Tails

Assorted Tail Effects!

Effects: whistling dragon, blue thunder, sky thunder, and magic sky.

8 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

Flaming Blue Ball

Bright Blue! Exploding!

10 Ball. Pack of 6 candles.

Sparkling Falls

Brocade Crown Mine!

10 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

10 Ball Bang

Alternating Shots of Red & Green! Finishes with a Report!

10 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

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Extra Large

Rapid Fire

Each Candle has Over 100 Shots!

3 Different Effects:
A: Red and green crackling comet tail; whistling, crackling; flashing thunder.
B. Red brocade palm.
C. Red palm; green palm; crackling comet tail; whistling and crackling.
Over 100 Ball! One BIG Candle.

Balls of Fire

210 Shots! Lasts Over 1 Minute!

Effects: Whistle; red tail, green tail, yellow tail, blue tail, purple tail.

210 Ball. One BIG Candle.

Flying Fish

Colored Fish! Powerful.

5 ball. Pack of 4 candles.

Kapow Candles

Assorted. Powerful
4 Different Candles: Pow Pow, Boom Boom, Bang Bang, Kapow


A - Red wave with red tail
B - Green wave with tail
C - Silver wave with silver
D - Silver wave with big silver chrysanthemum

5 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

Whistling Dragon - Large

Fat Candles with Whistles & Reports!

8 Ball. Pack of 4 candles.

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Black Cat Mini Pearls

Small Fun Candles!

8 Different effects in each candle!

10 Ball. Pack of 10 candles.

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