Mortar Kits / Artillery Shells

Mortar kits provide big breaks & hands-on firing! Mortars shoot higher & break larger than multi-shot aerials. They are a complement for any multi-aerial show. We offer a variety of kits with a variety of effects.

Each kit comes with at least one firing tube and several mortar shells or canister shells.

These kits are great way to get a taste of the excitement!

These kits have nice crisp breaks and good height. They have more shells & effects.

These are our largest mortar kits. They provide the highest, largest, and loudest breaks!


These kits are great way to get a taste of the excitement!

Motion Maker

6 Shells! LOUD Breaks! Really Good!

Six Different Effects:
Red, white, & blue
Red, green, & yellow
Dragon eggs
Crackling star
Multicolor peony with whistle tail
Blue mum with whistle tail

Crackling Artillery Shell

6 Shells! Flower Breaks! Fun Crackling Noise!

Effects: Red, green, yellow, blue, and white.

Premium Artillery Shells

Assorted Flower Breaks!

Effects: Red, green, yellow, blue, and white.

6 Shells.

Huge Color Bursts Artillery Shell

Colorful Peonies!

Effects: Red, green, yellow, blue, and white.

6 Shells.

Festival Balls

6 Shells! Multiple Effects!

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These kits have nice crisp breaks and good height. They have more shells & effects.


12 Canister Shells!

Two firing tubes.

Live Blast Double Break

8 Double Breaking Colorful Shells!

Gold willow to red & green
Brocade & time rain
Blue stars & mum
Yellow & purple coconut
Purple coconut & mum
Purple, green, yellow, & blue stars
Red & green coconut
Gold willow & blue stars

Super Magnum with Tail

12 Shells! Comet Trails Up with Break! Good Value!

An updated version of the 12 shot classic. Each box contains a great variety of 12 different 40 gram single break ball artillery shells. All 12 shells contain great crackling dragon tails that follow each sky as they rise into the air. Each shell rises to over 150 feet and breaks with some of the best symmetry you will see in a 1.75 inch commercial grade shell.

American Heros

Double Breaks!

6 Shells. 12 Breaks.

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These are our largest mortar kits. They provide the highest, largest, and loudest breaks!


24 Giant Shells Shoot over 200’ in the air and explode in a dazzling array of color and brilliant stars. Each kit contains 24 different canister shells with four HDPE mortar tubes! TOTALLY AWESOME!

This is it. You've found it! The #1 selling artillery shell of all time! The Excalibur has been wowing fireworks enthusiasts of all ages for the last decade and will continue to wow them for years to come. The Excalibur comes with 24 of the best quality canister shells on the market and bundled with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.
The shells included in the Excalibur Artillery Shell are the best available to the public, hands down. These high quality canisters break over 250 feet high, and over 200 feet wide. They are unsurpassed by any other consumer shell.

24 Unique Shells Including the Following Effects:
Jumbo red dahlia
Green glittering with crackles
Red and silver peony
Jumbo crackling
Silver crackling palm
Jumbo silver chrysanthemum
Silver palm with crackling
Jumbo brocade crown
Golden willow with crackling
Jumbo green chrysanthemum
Brocade silver to green whirlwind
Jumbo crackling
Dragon eggs
Purple and green peony
Brocade silver to blue whirlwind
Multicolor peony blue whirlwind
Multicolor peony
Silver wave to red whirlwind


36 assorted canister shells with two HDPE mortar tubes and two high impact cardboard tubes! Beautiful Triple and Double and Single Breaks!

Goliath contains 36 all time favorites combined with fabulous technology never before seen at home. There are artillery shells with tails, others with crackle, and some with changing colors. Watch out for the palm trees, chrysanthemums and whirlwinds. This one is loaded with shells that give you two distinct breaks in the air at the same time. You will want to salute the spectacular new triple break, an industry breakthrough that paints the sky with three patterns at one time. A Great Grand Finale!!

The assortment comes with 36 reloadable shells: 12 singles, 6 doubles, 6 triples, and 12 canisters.

Effects Include:
Silver & green glitter
Purple peony & crackling stars
Green & crackling stars to silver & purple stars
Blue & silver glitter to purple & crackling stars
Green peony to red peony
Blue peony to purple peony
Red & crackling to green & crackling to blue & crackling
Green & silver to red & silver to blue & silver
Green w/red palm to red w/green palm to blue w/red palm
Crackling to color mum to silver glitter
Blue stars to white stars to red stars
Green glitter to golden glitter to silver glitter
Multicolored stars
Green peony
Yellow peony w/green stars
Golden glitter
Color chrysanthemum
Crackling single
Yellow chrysanthemum
Silver glitter
Crackling canister
Jumbo red stars
Green glitter w/crackling pistil
Blue stars w/crackling pistil


Huge Good Solid Breaks! Canister Shells with fiberglass mortar tubes!

24 Shells. 4 Tubes. OR 12 Shells. 2 Tubes.

Brocade crown
Silver glittering star
Red wave with crackling star
Brocade with crackling pistil
Sky blue star with bloody red star and white glittering star
Sky blue star with gold glittering willow and green glittering star
Blue peony
Crackle with silver chrysanthemum
Bloody red with white glittering star
Gold wave with green glittering star
Brocade with red star and green star
Red peony with green peony and blue peony
Green peony
Brocade to red star and brocade to green star
Green wave with delayed crackle
Brocade with white glittering star
Gold willow to white glittering star and crackling pistil
White glittering star with red wave and green wave
Red peony
Gold willow
Brocade to sparkling willow and green glittering star
Green glittering star with red umbrella and sky blue umbrella
Green glittering star with sky blue, lemon and purple umbrella
Silver mum with red, green, lemon sky blue and orange umbrella


ALL Different Effects!

60 gram canister shells with fiberglass tubes.

24 shells.


18 Super canister shells with three fiberglass firing tubes! Each different!

Red dahlia with white glitter
Brocade crown to blue
Jumbo silver mom
Brocade crown with green glitter
Sky blue
Red white and blue peony
Green glitter with crackles
Color peony with crackles
Brocade crown to green
Brocade crown to red
Purple peony
Sea blue and purple with gold glitter
White glitter sea blue and red glitter
Lemon with white and gold glitter
Sky blue with lemon and red glitter
Brocade crown with crackling
Silver coconut with red peony
Jumbo crackling

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