Helicopters spin around and fly straight up into the air. Some change color or explode! We have a variety of sizes & styles.

Magic Crystal

Whistles & Spins Up Pretty!

They spin on the ground for a while giving off a shower of silver sparks. Then they launch hundreds of feet into the air with sparks and a screech.

Box of 4.

Two Color Space Ship

High Flying Color! Two Stages!

Color changes from red to green.

Box of 6.

Sunflower - Large

Spiral of Color & Quiet!

Box of 6.

Sunflower - Medium

Zooms up With Sparkles!

Box of 12.

Sunflower - Small

Best Little Helicopter!

Box of 12.

Lady Bug

Whistles & Zooms!

Pack of 3.

Space Flyer

Intense Red & Green Fireballs!

Box of 12.

Yellow Jacket


Yellow Jackets fly solidly & impressively with a wide spray of orange sparks and end with an awesome bang!

Pack of 3.

Artificial Satellite

UFO Zooms Up!

Pack of 12.

Small Bee

Little! Zooms!

Small Bees are delightful little fireworks that fly into the air in never ending erratic spirals.

Pack of 12.

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