Sky Lanterns

These glowing lanterns fill with hot air, soar high, and travel far into the midnight sky. They are very nice both individually or in a fleet. Sky lanterns can be a great addition to any occasion - anniversaries, weddings, memorials, and more.

Sky Lantern Varieties:

Red, White, & Blue Flag


Assorted Colors

Here is the 2009 IFC Fire Code information concerning the use of sky lanterns:

IFC 2009 -Section 308 – Open Flames

308.1 General.
Open flame, fire and burning on all premises shall be in accordance with Sections 308.1.1 through 308.4.1 and with other applicable sections of this code.

308.1.1 Where prohibited.
A person shall not take or utilize an open flame or light in a structure, vessel, boat or other place where highly flammable, combustible or explosive material is utilized or stored. Lighting appliances shall be well-secured in a glass globe and wire mesh cage or a similar approved device.

308.1.2 Throwing or placing sources of ignition.
No person shall throw or place, or cause to be thrown or placed, a lighted match, cigar, cigarette, matches, or other flaming or glowing substance or object on any surface or article where it can cause an unwanted fire.

State Amendments:

(12) Chapter 3, Section 308.3 (Group A occupancies) of the I.F.C., is revised to read: "Open flame. The use of open flame in connection with a public meeting or gathering for the purposes of deliberation, worship, entertainment, amusement, instruction, education, recreation, awaiting transportation, or similar purposes in assembly or educational occupancies must be done in consultation with the registered fire department having jurisdiction.";

The key to this puzzle is having the customer contacting the local fire department and verifying that said department is okay with the device in its current form and the location delivered.

I sincerely appreciate your time this evening and wish you the best for the new year.

Jeff Morton
Deputy Fire Marshal I
Department of Public Safety
Division of Fire and Life Safety
5700 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

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